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Keeping The Crew Happy!

L-R: Matsuo, Eddy, Flavin, Annloyd,Jade, J-Five, Daniel, Jason – looking cool in their new BOAT COATS! Picture by Nick Martorano.
There’s a whole lot of happiness going on at Sam’s Tours!
Keeping our guests super happy has always been mission number one for everyone on the team here at Sam’s Tours, and keeping our guests happy starts with keeping our team members happy. You know the drill…happy people keep people happy! That’s a whole lot of happiness going on!!!
Well, I’m really happy to report that all of our dive crews are now the happy owners of BOAT COATS…..the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to keeping warm and dry out on the water. Manufactured by DIVEGEAR USA the BOAT COAT is perfect for dive guides and boat captains alike. With a soft nylon outer shell and a fleece lined interior, the BOAT COAT is designed to keep you warm and dry and can be worn right over your wetsuit. It’s nice and long so that you’re still well covered when sitting down, and the two way zipper makes it easy to adjust for comfort. The fleece lining keeps you warm without becoming waterlogged and the outer shell blocks the wind and rain. The BOAT COAT is a top quality garment with features designed for divers.
I met Susan Shaw, President of DIVEGEAR USA at a recent trade show and had an opportunity to check out the BOAT COAT firsthand. I was so impressed with the quality and features of the BOAT COAT that I ordered one for each of our boat crews including dive guides and boat captains and will carry them in our retail store along with other quality garments from DIVEGEAR USA.
P.R.A., a local Palau company specializing in logo clothing did a wonderful job embroidering Sam’s Tours logo and each crew members name on their coat. Pictured above are some of the staff happily modeling their personalized BOAT COATS.
Check out for more info on DIVEGEAR quality clothing orcontact to order your very own BOAT COAT. Be Happy!

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