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Gunther Deichmann – GD PHOTOWORK SHOP – Palau 2010

June 18 – 25, 2010
This is Worth Looking in To!

GD Photo Workshops are conducted by Gunther Deichmann, one of Austral-Asia’s most accomplished photographers. Join Gunther on a fantastic Journey through Color & Time as he guides you through a week of photography and learning second to none. Improve your photography as you study side by side with Gunther. Click Here for Testimonials.

Digital photography has changed the way photographers create images, both in terms of the actual work with the camera, and the possibilities that exist in the digital darkroom. Instead of waiting a day or more for film to be processed, the photographer can now relate to the image while still at the location. This presents possibilities for improved exposure and composition, as well as new visual discoveries and insights that arise from seeing the image immediately after it has been exposed. In the digital darkroom, precision adjustments for color and tonal balance, contrast, and sharpness allow for unparalleled creative and technical control.

We’re taking a big break from diving here  ….. a surface interval so to speak! This workshop is targeted at photographers…… not divers or underwater photographers, but those photographers who wish to explore Palau’s topside secrets with a master of lens and light, Gunther Deichmann. Gunther has just returned from a whirlwind of exotic travel that included Cambodia, Tibet and India where he conducted his highly acclaimed workshops. While Gunther has been to Palau and other islands of Micronesia many times…this will be the first workshop he’s conducted here since launching the program more than three years ago.

If you’re a photographer with a little time on your hands, a desire to improve your shooting and are up for some fun too….then you really need to look in to this program and contact Gunther now for more details!




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This entry was posted on April 22, 2010 by in photography.

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